A new podcast hosted by Debbie Millman

NYCxDESIGN invites all members of New York City’s design community to participate in The Mic–a user-generated podcast series hosted by Debbie Millman. This platform offers international visibility to NYC designers from all backgrounds and inspires our city’s creative community by sharing diverse perspectives on a variety of topics.

This year, in consideration of world events and the common experiences we share, The Mic explores Design for Sharing. Beginning in October 2020 and culminating in May 2021 with The Festival, this overarching theme will introduce corresponding monthly topics, such as Gathering Together, Living Well, and Beauty is Everywhere—each one underscoring design as a powerful connector and catalyst to help us build a better future together.

In addition to robust distribution across all of NYCxDESIGN’s digital channels and publication on all major podcast apps, episodes of The Mic will be broadcast through DesignTV by SANDOW, a syndicated video network featuring design-focused programming. DesignTV is broadcast at 1 p.m. Monday through Thursday on Interior Design, Luxe Interiors + Design, and Metropolis Facebook pages and websites and available on demand across the SANDOW digital network, reaching more than 12 million design professionals and enthusiasts.

New York City designers will have the opportunity to pitch their stories through a submission process and be interviewed by Debbie Millman for the podcast.



Gathering Together
Thought Starters: Equity and inclusivity; Public Health; Parks and Green Spaces; Cultural Amenities; Design in the Public Sphere; Design and Democracy

Creativity at Work

Thought Starters: Workplace Design; Creative Process; Design for Social Impact; Innovation; Research and Development; Inclusivity and Diversity

Giving and Gifting
Thought Starters: Retail; Craft and Making; New Talent; Emerging Design Businesses; Design Networks, Groups, and Communities; Community Building

Always Learning
Thought Starters:
Design Education; Student Designs; Design Thinking and Strategy; Design Leaders and Trail Blazers; Design and Entrepreneurship; Tech and Design; Data-based Design; Gaming and Gamification

Beauty is Everywhere
Thought Starters: Fashion; Design and Performance; Design and Art; Diversity and Inclusivity

Living Well
Thought Starters: Hospitality Design; Design and Entertainment; Design and Health; Luxury; Artisanship

Nurturing Nature
Thought Starters: Design with Nature; Landscape Architecture; Design and Conservation; Sustainable Design; Resilience; Natural Materials; Parks and Waterfronts

Design for Sharing